Being Productive while sick

Saturday, 03 May 2014

I hate being sick. I'm pretty sure you do too, but it wasn't always like this. When I was seven, I used to take super cold showers at the dead of night so that I'd get sick (and bunk!). Even if I didn't I'd do my best to act convincingly enough.

But now nearing 20, I find that being sick is probably the worst thing that can happen to me. I have a ton of work to do and more work keeps being added to be ever growing backlog. So, this time I forced myself to do at least some of work that I was capable of doing.

Getting in touch with old friends

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold
-- Some Wise Person

I often do this, but as of late I've been doing it very infrequently (tons of work). But over the last few days, I've gotten in touch with some of the people who've helped me a lot, and some people I used to be very close with. A simple call doesn't take much time or effort, and stuff like this is always somewhere on my backlog. The funny thing is, a lot of people were genuinely concerned about how I was doing. Maybe you think its not much, but a gentle "Hey, hows it goin'?" can often make someone's day a lot brighter.

Audio Books

I had trouble reading or looking at a screen for that matter; my head started aching (its aching right now). So, I just closed my eyes and listened to a couple of audio books. This was great, since I managed to learn a lot of stuff while laying down in bed.


I made tons of lists about the things I wanted to do and then sorted my list with regard to priority. Now, as soon as my head stops aching I can get back to work with a clear idea of what needs to be done.

I'm still recovering, but I thought I write this down so that I can take a look back at what this when I need to.