Old School

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I've realized something about myself. I'm old school. I still use email as my de facto means of communication and when people older than I am talk about using twitter as their main means of communication I feel even older.

Just recently, I was requesting an email from an acquaintance, and he pretty much said "The guy uses twitter, you know that right?". To me that was the wake-up call.

So, I (try to) write something random on twitter every now and then, but the truth is that 140 characters kinda suck. Sometimes, I just tell myself to cut the crap, and just write something and I feel that I end up writing Haiku:

Python much slow. Need static quickness.

Or perhaps, this one:

PyCharm, y u no work?

Messages have to be this short, because you have things like @someone or #procrastinating that need to be appended if you want to be one of the kool kids. :P

I realise that you can convey what you want in a tweet. But what can I say, I like rambling sometimes (like an old man). But not using twitter isn't the only thing that makes me old.

I don't listen to the newest songs, I prefer listening to Beethoven's Ode to Joy or perhaps some more local to where I live like Tagore's "Majhe Majhe". I have nothing against people listening to "Bad Romance" or whatever, but I feel that people like me who appreciate more subtle music are slowly diminishing in their numbers. This makes me sad, somewhat like Rachmaninoff's Vocalise.

This is not to say that I like nothing other than the classics; I adore Viva La Vida by Cold Play. But that's just me; perhaps I'm a little wary of the more popular crap from singers like Rhianna. I don't know, maybe there's something wrong with me or perhaps (and I feel that this is far more likely) the world.

The funny thing is that even my more modern song choices are too old. Recently, I was talking to a close friend, and we were talking about different kinds of music. When I said that I still listen to "Viva La Vida", the guy was like "Man, thats old!".

Weird thing is I'm a teenager, and I'm not supposed to be old. But oh well, screw it. I am who I am, and it ain't going to change any time soon.