Updating Pycharm 3.0.2 on Ubuntu

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Now, I've just come out of an issue with Jetbrains PyCharm 3. The problem was this, updating the software to 3.0.2. I had 3.0.1 installed. Now, when the update initially came around, the IDE told me, that I had to download the entire file all over again from the jetbrains website.

So, I downloaded the newest version, and it turned out that the update was broken, when I went to unzip the software, Archive Manager lashed out saying that it was a broken archive file. So, I had another guy check it out, and he got broken archive too.

After a couple of days, jetbrains realised that they messed up so, they put in a patch. I downloaded the patch, and this time again, I had another problem. What was it this time, it turns out that I did not have rights to update Pycharm (imagine that!). So, in order to update it, I had to find out where it was installed.

whereis pycharm

Now, the file was installed /opt/pycharm-3.0.1/bin/ So, I went in there, and opened it as root:

sudo bash /opt/pycharm-3.0.1/bin/

After that, I just checked for updates, by clicking the check link to the bottom left of the dialogue box:

Where to look for the update link

The update worked after that. So, if you find yourself in a similar predicament, then I strongly advise you to run the file as root.